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Falling back to Earth: UK’s proposed approach to managing the failure of systemic crypto firms

United Kingdom - June 24 2022 Cryptoassets continue to be in the spotlight with prices no longer heading ‘to the moon’, the recent high-profile failure of an algorithmic…

Katharina Crinson, Emma Gateaud, Richard Layther

Buy Now Pay Later - regulation by instalments?

United Kingdom - June 23 2022 On 20 June 2022, the UK Treasury published its response to its consultation (launched in October 2021) with a view to bringing within the regulatory…

Emma Probyn

Strong and stable - the UK's next steps towards stablecoin regulation (and other developments)

United Kingdom - April 5 2022 The UK's Treasury has published the long-awaited response to its consultation on the extension of the regulatory perimeter to stablecoins (our post…

Cyrus Pocha

Extension of UK financial promotion regime: the end of bitcoin ads on buses?

United Kingdom - January 24 2022 The UK government has published its response to its proposals on extending the UK's financial promotions regime to unregulated cryptoassets. It is no…

Christopher Chan

Freshfields Fintech: predictions for 2022 - #3 Fintech Growth

USA - January 21 2022 As 2022 Rolls in, it often feels like the only sensible thing to predict is unpredictability. However, encouraged by some of our accurate predictions…

Alexander Glos, Rikki Haria, Sharon Malhi, John Risness, Andy Robinson