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WorkLife 2.0: Whistleblowing Survey Report - UK data suggests decline in willingness to speak up

Global, United Kingdom - April 29 2021 For the most recent in our series of Whistleblowing Reports, we collected the responses of over 2,500 individuals in the UK, the US, France, Germany…

Isolde Hill, Holly Insley, Rose Pollard

WorkLife 2.0: Attitudes towards whistleblowing and the impact of the #MeToo movement

China, European Union, Hong Kong - February 22 2021 Although it began back in 2006, it was the breaking of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017 that really propelled the #MeToo movement into global…

Holly Insley, Nicola Jones

WorkLife 2.0: The developing diversity landscape

United Kingdom - February 17 2021 In this blog post in our series: "WorkLife 2.0: What to expect in 2021” we consider recent developments in the diversity landscape and what…

Jean-François Gerard, Holly Insley, Laura Llangozi

Worklife 2.0: The hybrid workplace - challenges for employers in the year ahead

European Union - February 15 2021 The changes that the COVID-19 pandemic imposed on the world of work, and the new hybrid workplace that is expected to emerge in 2021, will keep legal…

Jean-François Gerard, Holly Insley, Laura Llangozi

The bells are jingling - can employees work from another jurisdiction?

European Union - December 4 2020 The European Commission ('the Commission') published on Wednesday a communication that recommends strategies for member states on helping people stay…

Elodie Favre-Thellmann, Jean-François Gerard, Laura Llangozi