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WorkLife 2.0: UK Supreme Court hands down hotly-anticipated Asda decision on equal pay

United Kingdom - April 1 2021 Last week, the Supreme Court handed down its hotly anticipated decision in the Asda case on comparability for equal pay. The Supreme Court…

Carolina Bazarova, David Mendel

WorkLife 2.0: A rise in health and safety-related group workforce disputes?

United Kingdom - March 16 2021 In the last few days, staff at the DVLA in Swansea have voted for industrial action over COVID-19 health and safety concerns. This reflects an…

David Mendel, Charles Smye

WorkLife 2.0: Trends to look out for in group workforce claims in 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - March 9 2021 In our recent blog post we predicted that, for a variety of reasons, the year ahead would likely see an increase in group workforce claims. The types…

Guy Huffen, David Mendel, Catie Mulrennan

WorkLife 2.0: The likely increase of Group Workforce Claims in 2021

United Kingdom - February 18 2021 The volume and significance of collective and class actions is rising throughout the world. This has been driven to date by increased scrutiny of…

David Mendel

Whistleblowing survey 2020: Impact of COVID-19

France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - November 3 2020 As part as of our on-going review of whistleblowing culture over the years we’ve gathered the views of over 2500 individuals in the UK, US, Hong Kong…

Stephanie Chiu, Holly Insley, Nicola Jones