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Climate change and the workplace: What do global employers need to know?

Global, OECD, United Kingdom - November 15 2021 People across the world are exposed to climate change to different extents, and the same is true for the workplace. The 26th UN Climate Change…

Karin Buzanich-Sommeregger, Christel Cacioppo, Stephanie Chiu, Jean-François Gerard, Kathleen Healy, Charles Magoffin, Maj Vaseghi

WorkLife 2.0 - Employee activism and the new world of labour relations

USA - October 12 2020 Employee activism has been making headlines since 2018, when the employees of a large tech company in the US staged a walkout from their employer in…

David Mendel, Olivia Radin, Sarah Solum, Caroline Stroud

Freshfields whistleblowing survey 2020: Whistleblowing in the spotlight

France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - October 7 2020 Since our last Whistleblowing Report in 2017, high-profile corporate scandals revealed by whistleblowers have continued to make the headlines…

Christel Cacioppo, Stephanie Chiu, John Choong, Elodie Favre-Thellmann, Doru Gavri, Holly Insley, Olivia Radin, Ali Sallaway, Adam Siegel, Caroline Stroud, Martina de Lind van Wijngaarden

German ‘corona warning app’ goes live - what businesses should know now

Germany - June 16 2020 The German government has released its corona tracing app today - two months later than originally planned. The delay was caused by public…

Julia Utzerath

WorkLife 2.0 - 'my algorithm boss is watching me': will employee-surveillance software be the trade off for more home working?

Global - June 11 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has seen employers across sectors and jurisdictions adopting drastic and prolonged working-from-home arrangements. While the…

Stephanie Chiu, Nicola Jones