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UK Supreme Court rules representative action for group data protection claim was “doomed to fail”

United Kingdom - November 11 2021 The UK Supreme Court handed down a unanimous judgment yesterday in the high-profile Lloyd v Google case, ruling in Google’s favour that the opt-out…

Hannah Walker Gore, Catherine Greenwood-Smith, Xanthia Hargreaves, Ethan Lo, Alice Thompson

The UK Competition and Data Protection Authorities signal a step-change in cooperation in digital markets

United Kingdom - May 27 2021 The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have published a joint statement setting out the terms of…

Rachael Annear, Andrew Austin, Caroline Chew, Rikki Haria, Sharon Malhi

Building Trustworthy AI - Commission Publishes New AI Ethical Guidelines

European Union - April 12 2019 On Monday, the European Commission (the Commission) published “Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI” (the Guidelines) and a Communication on next…

Andrew Austin, Zooey Chen