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Global Antitrust in 2023: A Vertical Revival - Expanding The Enforcement Toolkit

Global - February 17 2023 In 2022, supply and distribution agreements (vertical agreements) were at the top of the agenda for a number of antitrust authorities, with important…

Deirdre Trapp, Bertrand Guerin, Rory Jones, Tracey Lu, Bruce McCulloch, Charles Tay, Lucas Vanassche

The FTC’s New Year’s Resolution: Out with Post-Employment Non-Competes

USA - January 9 2023 The US Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is following through on its commitment to more closely police competition issues in labor markets. As we…

Lori Goodman, Nicole F. Foster, Brandon Gantus, Andrew Herman, Kara King, Morgan Marmaro, Bruce McCulloch, Jan Rybnicek

Essential Antitrust #24: Cartel enforcement is back: dawn raids in Europe and new targets in the US

USA - December 14 2022 Over the past several years, cartel enforcement actions appear to have been on the decline. Despite this, antitrust enforcers have made clear that…

Ramya Arnold, Dominic Divivier, Jennifer Mellott

FTC Seeks To Revive Prohibitions Against “Unfair” Competition

USA - November 16 2022 On November 10, 2022, the Democratic commissioners at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted out a new policy statement outlining how the agency…

Kara King, Kara Reid, Jan Rybnicek

With Zito, DOJ Brings First Criminal Antitrust Charges Under Section 2 in Decades - Has Anything Changed?

USA - November 14 2022 On October 31, 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) secured a guilty plea in its first criminal case under Section 2 of the Sherman Act in…

Julie Elmer, Andrew Henderson, Morgan Marmaro