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Sanctions: What do they mean for listed companies in the UK in respect of their shareholders?

United Kingdom - March 14 2022 Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is heightened focus on sanctions, including, among other measures, asset freezes imposed on designated…

Mark Austin, Ziyad Nassif, Benjamin Ng

Global Enforcement Outlook: how the ESG agenda will shape enforcement risk & response

USA - February 28 2022 For major companies, environmental, social and governance issues are not a new phenomenon, but the spotlight has intensified. There is now a raft of…

Simon Duncombe, Ali Kirby Harris, Vanessa Jakovich, Norbert Nolte, Adam Siegel

Global Enforcement Outlook: Anti-money laundering trends to watch

United Kingdom, USA - February 9 2022 Given the opportunities for money laundering, fraud and other financial crime that government responses to the pandemic presented, it is perhaps no…

Silvia Van Dyck, Laura Feldman, Olivia Radin, Christopher Robinson, Daniel Travers

Global Enforcement Outlook: Key investigations and enforcement trends for 2022

Global, USA - January 13 2022 Several developments from the past year will embed in 2022, increasing the challenges faced by companies in managing misconduct risks that could…

Matthew Bruce, Norbert Nolte, Caroline Doherty de Novoa, Adam Siegel

Landmark FCA criminal conviction under the MLR 2007 against NatWest

United Kingdom - December 21 2021 On 13 December 2021 NatWest was fined £264 million for breaches of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (MLR 2007). NatWest had previously admitted…

Eloise Cartwright, Stephen Lau, Christopher Robinson