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There’s a new CFIUS Excepted Foreign State, but status will still benefit relatively few investors

USA - January 14 2022 Qualifying investors from a list of “Excepted Foreign States” (colloquially referred to as the “whitelist”) enjoy certain privileges under the…

Colin Costello, Christine Laciak

CFIUS Decision on Magnachip Deal Shows Long Reach of CFIUS

USA - January 6 2022 On December 13, 2021, Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation (“Magnachip”), an NYSE-listed Delaware corporation, and Wise Road Capital LTD (“Wise Road”)…

Colin Costello, Christine Laciak

A general introduction to foreign investment regulation in USA

USA - October 18 2021 A general overview of the foreign investment regime in USA, with particular regard to recent developments.

Colin Costello, Christine Laciak

Spotlight: foreign investment review procedure in USA

USA - October 18 2021 An overview of the authorities' review process for foreign investment in USA, including key thresholds for review, timeframes and procedural requirements.

Colin Costello, Christine Laciak

Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain Rule Goes into Effect

USA - April 9 2021 As of March 2021, the U.S. Department of Commerce (“Commerce”) has the authority to block or impose conditions on the ordinary course procurement of…

Colin Costello, Christine Laciak, Nabeel Yousef