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Asia Pacific Product Liability Guide 2017

Asia-Pacific - August 3 2017 Asia Pacific is an economically dynamic region. Inter-country trade is flourishing and domestic markets are eager for consumer products that cater to…

Kherk Ying Chew, Jo Daniels, Susan C. Kendall, Andy Leck, David McCredie, Yee Chung Seck, Chris Tsai, Peerapan Tungsuwan, Vivian Wu

Indonesia: Indonesian Competition Commission Issues New Guide on Merger Control

Indonesia - October 15 2020 This client alert covers a new guideline on assessment of mergers, acquisitions and consolidations ("2020 Merger Guide") that was issued by…

Mochamad Fachri

New regulation on imports prohibits manufacturers from importing industrial/finished goods

Australia - October 27 2015 As part of the Government's economic deregulation package issued on 9 September 2015, the Ministry of Trade ("MOT") has issued another new regulation…

Riza Buditomo, Mochamad Fachri

Indonesia: Merger Control Update: Asset Acquisitions Must be Notified and a Few Other Important Things to Mention

Indonesia - November 4 2019 On Monday, 14 October, the Indonesian Business Competition Supervisory Commission published its Regulation Number 3 of 2019 on Assessment of Merger…

Mita N. Djajadiredja, Mochamad Fachri

Issuance of New Ministry of Trade Regulation No. 48/m-dag/per/7/2015 on general provisions in the import sector

Indonesia - July 28 2015 On 3 July 2015, the Ministry of Trade issued Regulation No. 48/M-DAG/PER/7/2015 on General Provisions in the Import Sector (Regulation 48), which will…

Riza Buditomo, Mochamad Fachri, Sheriel Ivia Tirta