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Q3 l 2021

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The legal landscape of Net Neutrality and Zero-rating in Vietnam

Vietnam - August 23 2022 With the development of new digital services, especially the ones consuming large amounts of bandwidth, such as high-quality video streaming, some…

Vietnam: IP-related decrees and circulars to be revised or replaced after the amended IP Law is enacted

Vietnam - August 18 2022 The Intellectual Property (IP) (Amendment) Bill revising and supplementing the current Vietnamese IP Law ("Amended IP Law") was approved and passed…

Tran Kieu Hoa, Dat Nguyen, Nhung Nguyen

Vietnam: Issuance of Decree Implementing the Cybersecurity Law

Vietnam - August 17 2022 The Vietnamese Government has just issued Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP dated 15 August 2022 detailing a number of articles of the Cybersecurity Law…


Vietnam - July 19 2022 元宇宙(虚拟宇宙)目前是信息工程的热门话题之一。它对现实世界和虚拟世 界都有影响力,全世界正在以各种方式来支持这项新技术的发展…

越南: 颁布电影法

Vietnam - July 4 2022 按计划,昨天下午(2022年6月15日星期三),以467名国会代表中的449 名代表说 "是 "的比例,越南国会(以下简称“NA”)正式批准了“电影法…