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New general waters rules to spur development of Japanese offshore wind projects

Japan - February 15 2018 As offshore wind power costs decrease in Europe, Asian countries, such as China and Taiwan, are making ambitious plans to achieve growth in their…

Naoaki Eguchi, Ean Mac Pherson, Toshio Sasaki, Masahiro Tanabe

Renewable energy in Japan – recent developments

Japan - October 21 2013 Throughout this month, operators of PV facilities with planned capacity of over 400kW have been receiving written communications from METI with…

Naoaki Eguchi, Tony Nicholson

Latest developments in Japan

Japan - August 30 2012 Japan’s total geothermal energy reserves are reportedly the third largest in the world, having the potential to generate over 20 GW of electricity.

Naoaki Eguchi, Tony Nicholson, Gavin Raftery

Renewable energy – recent developments

Japan - July 23 2012 On July 1, 2012 the “Law on Special Measures Concerning the Providers of Renewable Energy” (the “Renewable Energy Law”), together with the associated ordinance (the “Ordinance”), regulations (the “Regulations”) and notifications (the “Notifications”) came into effect.

Naoaki Eguchi

New feed-in-tariff system for renewable energy

Japan - October 4 2011 The "Special Measures Law Concerning the Procurement by Electric Power Companies of Renewable Energy Electricity" (the "Law") obliges electric power companies to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy at fixed prices.

Naoaki Eguchi