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Navigating The Intersection Of Remote Work And State-Specific Post-Termination Non-Compete Laws

USA - March 18 2022 The writing is on the wall: remote work is here to stay. According to data collected by Ladders, three million professional jobs in the US went…

Benjamin Ho, Kimberly Franko Lower, Remi Omidiji, Robin Samuel

Guardrails For Using Social Media During The Hiring Process

USA - February 8 2022 It’s increasingly common for employers to use social media during the hiring process. The temptation is obvious — there’s a wealth of potentially…

Caroline Burnett

Top 10 California Employment Law Updates for 2022

USA - January 11 2022 California has always kept employers on their toes when it comes to changing employment laws. This year is no exception. Here is our roundup of the…

Caroline Burnett, Joseph W. Deng, Susan F. Eandi, Benjamin Ho, Robin Samuel

California Employer Update 2021 Recap (Webinar)

USA - December 15 2021 Special thanks to Melissa Allchin and Lothar Determann. Our California Employer Update webinar is designed to ensure that California in-house counsel…

Michael E. Brewer, Joseph W. Deng, Susan F. Eandi, Benjamin Ho, Krissy Katzenstein, Robin Samuel

United States: COVID-19 Corporate travel considerations - Going…and coming back (Video Chat)

USA - October 21 2021 Our Labor and Employment blog, The Employer Report, complements our video series, providing written legal updates on reopening and other hot topics…

Melissa K. Allchin, Susan F. Eandi