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Under the latest PRC rules, how much late payment interest or liquidated damages can be charged under a real estate agreement or share transfer agreement?

China - September 18 2015 Would a late payment interest of 0.1% per day (or 36.5% per annum) be too high and therefore legally unenforceable? It would be partially…

Geoffrey Yang

China unveils draft rules for its first publicly-listed infrastructure REITs

China - May 6 2020 China's regulators have unveiled long-awaited rules for the country's first publicly-listed infrastructure real estate investment trusts…

Kenny Kwan, Jeremy Ong, Hang Wang

APREA Asia Pacific Real Assets Leaders' Congress 2021

Asia-Pacific - December 16 2021 Baker McKenzie's Asia Pacific Real Estate practice group is one of the sponsors for APREA’s flagship event, the Asia Pacific Real Assets Leaders’…

Sebastian Busa, Geraldine Ong, Jeremy Ong

China: REITs - Stock exchanges and CSRC commence review of first batch of PRC infrastructure REITs

China - May 10 2021 The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) recently announced that, together with the China Securities Regulatory…

Dorothea G. Koo, Jeremy Ong, Hang Wang

Using offshore RMB funds to invest in real estate and other assets in China: further legal rules announced

China - October 19 2011 On 12 October 2011, the PRC Ministry of Commerce announced further detailed rules for foreign investors to use their offshore RMB funds to invest in real estate and certain other types of projects in China.