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Spain: Labor-law news - Reform of Pension Plans and Funds

Spain - July 7 2022 Act 12/2022, dated June 30, regulating the promotion of occupational pension plans, was published in Spain's Official State Gazette on July 1…

Javier Pera, Gemma Piqué, Carlos de la Torre

Spain: Royal Decree-Law 32/2021 of 28 December 2021

Spain - January 14 2022 On Urgent Measures for Labor Reform, Guarantee for Stable Employment and Transformation of the Job Markert…

Marc Cucarella, David Díaz, Concha Martín

Spain: Changes in Employment Law - Increase in guaranteed minimum wage and extension of existing furlough schemes (ERTE) to February 2022

Spain - October 4 2021 On 29 September 2021, two new employment laws were published in Spain's Official State Gazette…

Hadrien Rifon, Carlos de la Torre

Spain: COVID-19 - new extension of Spanish Temporary Redundancy Procedures / Furlough Schemes

Spain - February 3 2021 Royal Decree-Law 2/2021, dated January 26, on the reinforcement and consolidation of social measures to protect employment was published in…

Concha Martín, Gemma Piqué, Carlos de la Torre

Spain: The New Provisions Governing Equality Plans, Transparency and Equal Pay in Spain

Spain - November 20 2020 Royal Decrees 901/2020 and 902/2020, both dated 13 October and published in the Spanish State Gazette ("BOE") on 14 October, are basically…

Marc Cucarella, Luisa Gómez, Javier Pera