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Central Asia in Focus Webinar Series

Kazakhstan - May 12 2022 Two years from the start of the pandemic, governments and businesses in Central Asia continue to face a challenging and uncertain outlook. While the…

Gulnur Bekmukhanbetova, Azamat A. Kuatbekov

TMT Talk: Episode 59: Privacy - 2022 predictions and what to prepare for

USA - May 9 2022 The introduction of new Technologies inevitably brings new data privacy (and protection) challenges. In this Episode of TMT Talk…

Lothar Determann, Carolina Pardo

Podcast Episode: Privacy Notice Obligations - Are They Still Important?

USA - May 5 2022 In this episode, Harry Valetk is joined by partners Francesca Gaudino, based in Milan, and Michaela Nebel, based in Frankfurt, as they discuss…

Francesca Rubina Gaudino, Harry Valetk

Global: TMT Looking Ahead 2022 - Tech Regulation and Compliance

USA - March 9 2022 The Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry drives the rapid pace and scope of digital transformation through new strategies and the…

Lothar Determann, Mara Ghiorghies, Paul Glass, Jeffrey Martino, Jessica Nall, Bradford Newman, Stephen E. Reynolds

Data Protection Day - Key developments and looking ahead to 2022

Australia, Canada, European Union, France, United Kingdom, USA - January 27 2022 Friday 28 January 2022 is Data Protection Day (or Data Privacy Day outside of Europe), which marks the anniversary of the Council of Europe's…

İlay Yılmaz, Yigit Acar, Anne-Marie Allgrove, Kellie Blyth, Ken Chia, Magalie Dansac Le Clerc, Elisabeth Dehareng, Nathalja Doing, Dr. Lukas Feiler, Conrad Flaczyk, Francesca Rubina Gaudino, Liz Grimwood-Taylor, Beat Koenig, Theo Ling, Cristina Messerschmidt, Radoslaw Nozykowski, Arjun Patel, Nadia Rauf, Hugo Roy, Zhenyu Ruan, Paolo Sbuttoni, Michael Schmidl, Benjamin Slinn, Can Sözer, Dhiraphol Suwanprateep, Kensaku Takase, Florian Tannen, Daisuke Tatsuno, Alex Toh, Manh Hung Tran, Dr. Csaba Vári, Jacqueline Wong