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Germany: Compliance and Investigation Trends in Germany in 2020

Germany - March 3 2021 In this publication, our lawyers from different practice groups discuss the trends in compliance and investigations of 2020 in Germany. We…

Alexander Ehrle, Anahita Thoms, Dominik Guttenberger, Dr. Andreas C. Lohner, Dr. Anika Schürmann, Dr. Christian Burholt, Dr. Nicolai Behr, Dr. Nicolas Kredel, Dr. Robin Haas, Dr. Steffen Scheuer, Holger Lutz, Michaela Nebel, Sina Buhl.

European Union: CSDR Settlement Discipline Rules - An Implementation Blueprint

European Union - June 30 2020 Over the next eight months, trading firms of every description, from asset managers to corporate treasury vehicles, will need to prepare for…

Caitlin McErlane, Eugenio Muschio, Iris Barsan, Jaime Denis, Laurent Fessmann, Mark Simpson, Matthew Dening, Tim Alferink.

Employee Benefits within the Financial Services Industry: Balancing COVID-19 Relief with EU Remuneration Rules

European Union - May 6 2020 This guide looks at the most pressing questions we have been asked by our Financial Services Industry clients, looking to balance COVID-19 relief…

Agnès Charpenet, Agnes Herwig, Andrea Mirabella, Davinia Rogel, Don-Tobias Jol, Geoffrey Poras, Gillian (Gill) Kate Murdoch, Jeremy Edwards, Ludmilla Maurer.

A Guide to Regulatory Fintech Sandboxes Internationally

Global - April 30 2020 Applications for a six-month "pilot" testing program opened in February 2019 and 44 applications were submitted across 17 participating regulators…

Dr. Matthias Courvoisier, Adam Burt, Adrian J. Lawrence, Anthony Verhees, Ariane Mae V. Vallada, Ashlin Perumall, Bill Fuggle, Brian Chia, Bryan Ng, Chantél van Zyl, Darryl Bernstein, Dr. Yves Mauchle, Erwandi Hendarta, Eugenio Muschio, Evangeline Wang, Francisco Fernández Rostello, Gabriel Adrián (Gabriel) Gómez Giglio, Greg McNab, Hao-Ray Hu, Jennifer Stolp, Johan Kurnia, Justin C. Liang, Karen H.Y. Man, Komkrit Kietduriyakul, Kullarat Phongsathaporn, Mahardikha Sardjana, Maksym Hlotov, Mark Simpson, Mark Tay, Nadya Andyrasari Mulya, Olivier Van den broeke, Peggy Chiu, Richard Powell, Richte van Ginneken, Rui Lopes, Serhiy V. Chorny, Shaneil Shah, Steffi Illegems, Stephanie Magnus, Sue McLean, Sue Wan Wong, Timothy Joseph (TJ) M. Mendoza.

Germany: COVID-19 Corporate Legal Guideline

Germany - April 28 2020 The Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs has submitted a draft bill which provides for various changes for the labor courts for a fixed-term…

Alexander Ehrle, Anahita Thoms, Andreas Jauch, Astrid Ruppelt, Christian Koops, Dr. Andreas C. Lohner, DR. Andreas Schulz, Dr. Anika Schürmann, Dr. Christoph Wolf, Dr. Daniel Bork, Dr. Florian Thamm, Dr. Holger Ellers, Dr. Janet Kerstin Butler, Dr. Jonas Brückner, Dr. Katharina Weiner, Dr. Lisa B. Reiser, Dr. Marc Gabriel, DR. Markus Mortel, Dr. Nicolai Behr, Dr. Niklas Wielandt, Dr. Oliver Socher, Dr. Robin Haas, Dr. Steffen Scheuer, Dr. Thomas Gilles, Florian Tannen, Holger Lutz, Joachim Fröhlich, Markus Hecht, Michael Schmidl, Michaela Nebel, Sandra Wittinghofer, Stephan Behnes, Susanne Mertens, Teresa Gerhold, Thilo Rapple.