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FOILed Subpoena: Public Interest Privilege Held to Offer Similar Protection to FOIL Exemption in New York

USA - January 11 2018 The New York Division of Tax Appeals recently held that the judicially developed public interest privilege offers the New York Department of Taxation…

Trevor Mauck

Has the Soda Tax Lost its Pop?

USA - October 24 2017 Cook County, Illinois lawmakers recently voted to repeal the nation’s largest soda tax only two months after it went live (the repeal scheduled to be…

Adam Beckerink, Trevor Mauck

The New Norm For Abandoned and Unclaimed Property in Delaware

USA - October 23 2017 Since the beginning of 2017, Delaware’s abandoned and unclaimed property law has undergone continuous statutory and regulatory changes, e.g., the…

Laura Grace Mezher

Big Changes for Illinois Unclaimed Property Law - Holders Beware!

USA - August 28 2017 Holders of unclaimed property should take note that Illinois’ state budget bill, SB 9, enacted July 7, 2017, includes significant changes to Illinois’…

Laura Grace Mezher

The Delaware Secretary of State Releases the Final Version of its Estimation Regulations With No Substantive Changes

USA - July 17 2017 The Delaware Secretary of State recently finalized its estimation regulations without any substantive change to Delaware’s proposed estimation…

David Andrew Hemmings