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Episode 68: Protecting your Interactive Entertainment and Metaverse assets

USA - July 6 2022 The arrival of the metaverse presents opportunities for companies, as it is quickly becoming a platform for the distribution of products and services…

José María Méndez, Teresa H. Michaud

Brazil: Bill No. 130/2020 amends the Brazilian Traffic Code, provides penalties for application providers that fail to remove media related to traffic violations and creates monitoring obligation for infringing content

Brazil - February 7 2022 On 2 February 2022, the House of Representatives approved Bill No. 130/2020, which, among others, prohibits the dissemination of photos or videos of…

Flavia Amaral, Flavia Rebello

International: Key takeaways from digital and cloud technologies - Protection and enforcement strategies

Global - November 17 2021 We live and work in a high tech globally interconnected world, in which digital technologies are provided and accessed across national Borders…

Binxin Li, Helen Macpherson, Mackenzie Martin, Alexander Ritter

Brazil: Provisional measure intended to modify internet content moderation rules

Brazil - October 6 2021 President Jair Bolsonaro signed Provisional Measure (PM) No. 1.068/2021 on 6 September 2021, amending the Brazilian Internet Legal Framework…

Flavia Amaral, Flávia Maria Vasconcelos Pereira, Flavia Rebello

Brazil: Bill No. 3227/20201, which intends to modify the Internet Content Moderation Rules, is sent to the National Congress

Brazil - October 1 2021 The MP was criticized by different sectors of society, who argued that it did not meet the applicable formal and material requirements. On 14…

Flavia Amaral, Flávia Maria Vasconcelos Pereira, Flavia Rebello