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The third anniversary of the GDPR: Looking ahead

European Union, France, Germany, United Kingdom - May 25 2021 The 25 May 2021 marks the third anniversary of the GDPR coming into force. As we have moved from preparation for the GDPR to business as usual…

Benjamin Slinn, Dr. Lukas Feiler, Elisabeth Dehareng, Francesca Rubina Gaudino, Jennie Nilsson, Michael Schmidl, Michaela Nebel, Nathalja Doing, Radoslaw Nozykowski, Raul Rubio, Yann Padova.

Data Protection Day - Looking ahead to 2021

European Union, France, United Kingdom - January 28 2021 The 28 January each year is celebrated as Data Protection Day (or Data Privacy Day outside of Europe), which marks the…

Benjamin Slinn, Bernard (Brian) L. Hengesbaugh, Elisabeth Dehareng, Flavia Rebello, Francesca Rubina Gaudino, Harry Valetk, Jacqueline Wong, Jennie Nilsson, Joan Melcar Tan, Julia Kaufmann, Kensaku Takase, Michaela Nebel, Raul Rubio.

TMT Talk Podcast Series -Episode 31: COVID-19 Vaccines - Key Considerations for the TMT Sector

European Union, United Kingdom - January 28 2021 A tech-entwined world necessarily puts focus on technology companies and the opportunities that arise with them. TMT Talk, the Global TMT industry…

Julia Wilson, Lothar Determann, Susan F. Eandi.

TMT Talk: The Global TMT Industry Podcast : Episode 31: COVID-19 Vaccines - Key Considerations for the TMT Sector

Global - January 26 2021 The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines it is hoped will signify the true end of the global pandemic. Most countries have rushed to secure their own…

Julia Wilson, Lothar Determann, Susan F. Eandi.

CJEU provides a strict framework for national security surveillance measures

European Union, United Kingdom - October 14 2020 In two decisions on October 6, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has once again provided a strict framework for national…

Hugo Roy, Yann Padova.