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California Employers Still Can Require Arbitration. For Now.

USA - February 22 2023 California’s latest attempt to restrict employment arbitration was foiled by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last Wednesday. On February 15, 2023…

Caroline Burnett, Robin Samuel

California Employers: Inflation May Affect Your Employees’ Exempt Status and Minimum Wage Obligations

USA - August 24 2022 California employers will need to review and confirm their employees’ exempt status and non-exempt hourly wage rates before the start of the New Year…

Michael E. Brewer, Robin Samuel, Autumn Sharp

United States: How to comply with CCPA while the new Agency revises Regulations

USA - August 16 2022 The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (CPRA) amended the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) with most changes taking effect…

Lothar Determann, Helena J. Engfeldt, Elizabeth H. Gladstone, Bernard (Brian) L. Hengesbaugh, Nicholas R. Merker, Cristina Messerschmidt, Stephen E. Reynolds, Jonathan Tam, Andrea Tovar, Vivian Tse, Thomas Tysowsky, Harry Valetk

A Quick Primer On New Privacy Law Obligations For California Employers

USA - March 14 2022 2022 is looking to be an unprecedented year for California companies’ privacy law obligations. The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) takes effect…

Benjamin Ho

Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination? Before You Act, Consider These Key Issues For US and Multinational Employers

USA - July 30 2021 Pressure is mounting on U.S. and multinational employers to require COVID-19 vaccines for employees, as the Delta variant spreads voraciously…

Amanda Cohen, Caroline Burnett, Susan F. Eandi, Benjamin Ho, Adeola Olowude, Robin Samuel