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To Flatten or Not to Flatten? - The Conversion of Event-Based Rules in Record Retention Schedules

USA - August 31 2022 Records and Data Retention can be complicated, particularly when balancing competing statutory requirements from around the globe, industry best…

Amy Quackenbush

No Data Beyond This Point! - Reducing the Risk of Cross-Border Data Transfers Through Effective Information and Data Governance

USA - August 5 2022 In recent years, the world of cross-border data flows has changed dramatically, driven by the exponential growth of data and the increasing ability…

Amy Quackenbush

Not So Fast - Managing Information in Complex E-Commerce Regulatory Environments

European Union - July 11 2022 E-commerce is used as the mechanism for delivering information, products, services or payments by electronic means including computer, telephone, or…

Nadia Rauf

Children and Gaming: Spotlight on Privacy, Consent and Personal Data Management

Canada, European Union, USA - June 2 2022 The video game industry is expected to generate over 200 billion USD in 2023. While this includes the sale of home consoles and physical video games…

Sarah Nagy

Preparing for the Virtual Workplace: The Very Real Information Governance Challenges of Extended Reality Platforms

United Kingdom - May 6 2022 The world of technology is always changing, often accelerated by the social and cultural realities of the time. These changes are sometimes…

Amy Quackenbush