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Hong Kong: Judicial guidance on schemes of arrangement in cross-border insolvencies

Hong Kong - June 21 2022 On 27 May 2022, the Honorable Mr. Justice Harris sanctioned a scheme of arrangement introduced by Rare Earth Magnesium Technology Group Holdings…

Edmund Ma

Hong Kong: Common law regime for recognizing and assisting foreign insolvency officeholders reconsidered

Hong Kong - May 18 2022 On 6 May 2022, the Honorable Madam Justice Linda Chan granted a petition for the winding-up (in Hong Kong) of Up Energy Development Group Limited…

Edmund Ma

Hong Kong: To vote or not to vote - Clarity on the interpretation of Rule 2.10 of the Takeovers Code and the Constitution of Court Meetings for a Hong Kong Privatization Scheme of Arrangement

Hong Kong - April 13 2022 The Hong Kong court has delivered an important judgment on the interpretation of Rule 2.10 of the Takeovers Code and provided practical guidance on…

Dorothea G. Koo, Betty Wong, Christine Yau

Hong Kong: Minding the GAP - General Adjournment of Proceedings (GAP) of Hong Kong courts during the latest COVID-19 wave

Hong Kong - April 6 2022 From a civil litigation and insolvency perspective, we look at the key impacts of the Hong Kong Courts’ recent General Adjournment of Proceedings…

Rachel Hui

China and Hong Kong: Mainland and Hong Kong agree framework for mutual judicial recognition and assistance in corporate insolvency and debt restructuring

Hong Kong - July 5 2021 On 14 May 2021, the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and the Hong Kong Government agreed a framework (“Framework”) for judicial cooperation in…

Edmund Ma