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United States: ID&E impact - How to navigate ballooning pay disclosure laws across the US (Video chat)

USA - March 14 2023 On 14 March 2023, we recognize Equal Pay Day in the US. This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn the same amount…

Elizabeth Ebersole, Barbara Klementz, Dionna Shear

Top 10 New York Employment Law Updates: Closing Out 2022 and Heading Into 2023

USA - January 6 2023 It’s been a demanding year in New York for employers. New York employers have had to continuously pivot to meet obligations under new laws and…

Paul Evans, Danielle Gibbons, Matthew Gorman, Kimberly Franko Lower, Adeola Olowude, Remi Omidiji, Blair Robinson, Autumn Sharp, Dionna Shear, Jeffrey Sturgeon, Kaitlin Thompson

Employers: All Eyes on Salary and Pay Range Disclosure in US Job Postings (Video)

USA - December 15 2022 As we head into 2023, all eyes are on salary and pay range requirements in US job postings — where these laws apply, what they require, and when they…

Susan F. Eandi, Dionna Shear

Annual California Employer Update - Reflecting on 2022 and Strategizing for 2023 (Webinar)

USA - December 13 2022 The new year always brings new challenges for employers, but California employers in particular face a world of change in 2023…

Melissa K. Allchin, Michael E. Brewer, Sofia Chesnokova, Joseph W. Deng, Lothar Determann, Susan F. Eandi, Benjamin Ho, Robin Samuel, Autumn Sharp

Salary and Pay Range Disclosures in Job Postings: A Quick Guide to What US Employers Need to Know Right Now

USA - November 28 2022 As we wind up 2022 and head into 2023, all eyes are on salary and pay range requirements in job postings. Where these laws apply, what they require…

Susan F. Eandi, Robin Samuel, Autumn Sharp