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Top 10 New York Employment Law Updates For 2021/2022

USA - December 14 2021 This year New York employers have had to scramble to keep up with many new employment laws, and next year promises more of the same. The latest: New…

Caroline Burnett, Danielle Lawrence, Kimberly Franko Lower, Autumn Sharp, Dionna Shear

“If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…” Keep These Tips in Mind When Using Nondisparagement Clauses in Settlement Agreements with Employees

USA - May 10 2022 Nondisparagement clauses have long been a staple in settlement agreements between employers and employees as a way to discourage disgruntled…

Michael E. Brewer, Autumn Sharp

Top 10 New York Employment Law Updates: Closing Out 2022 and Heading Into 2023

USA - January 6 2023 It’s been a demanding year in New York for employers. New York employers have had to continuously pivot to meet obligations under new laws and…

Paul Evans, Danielle Gibbons, Matthew Gorman, Krissy Katzenstein, Kimberly Franko Lower, Adeola Olowude, Remi Omidiji, Blair Robinson, Autumn Sharp, Dionna Shear, Jeffrey Sturgeon

New York (Not Just NYC) Employers: Statewide Wage Transparency Law May Be Coming Your Way

USA - June 6 2022 Employers in New York State may soon be required to disclose a salary range in job postings to applicants and employees. New York’s S9427 was just…

Paul Evans, Autumn Sharp

New York’s New Electronic Monitoring Disclosure Law Requires Action Before May

USA - February 2 2022 In early May, private sector employers in New York will face new disclosure requirements for electronic monitoring of employees. Beginning May 7…

Caroline Burnett, Kimberly Franko Lower, Autumn Sharp, Harry Valetk