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United Kingdom: Death of 12.07% for holiday pay?

United Kingdom - August 15 2022 The Supreme Court has confirmed that the 12.07% formula commonly used to calculate holiday pay for workers with irregular hours is incorrect…

James Brown, Stephen C.M. Ratcliffe

Global: TMT Looking Ahead 2022 - Report 5: TMT Industry as the Driver of Change

USA - August 2 2022 TMT companies are often the first to develop innovative solutions and to face increasingly sophisticated regulation of key Technologies they develop…

Kate Alexander, Kerry B. Contini, Elizabeth Denham, Susan F. Eandi, Andrew Hedges, Cyrus Vance Jr., Monica R. Kurnatowska, Anne L. Petterd, Robin Samuel, Stanislav Sirot

United Kingdom: Court of Appeal upholds High Court's refusal to grant interim injunction to enforce a non-compete clause

United Kingdom - June 30 2022 The Court of Appeal has upheld a High Court's refusal to grant the claimant company an interim injunction to enforce a 12-month non-compete clause…

Paul Harrison, Mandy Li

United States, United Kingdom and European Union: Whistleblower developments for multinational employers (Video Chat)

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - May 2 2022 An influx of high-profile whistleblowing cases have made headlines in recent years, and claims (and awards) are on the rise. At the same time, more…

Joseph W. Deng, Krissy Katzenstein

Europe: European Whistleblowing Directive - The deadline for implementation expires tomorrow

European Union - December 16 2021 EU Member States must implement the European Whistleblowing Directive (EU WBD) by 17 December 2021. However, only Denmark, Sweden and Portugal have…

Margarita Fernández, Katja Haeferer, Monica R. Kurnatowska, Annabel Mackay, Ester Maza