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VAT and customs fees exoneration for the sale and import of goods and the provision of services destined to activities related to the massive transport of passengers

Venezuela - September 1 2016 Presidential Decree No. 2,228 (the "Decree") (Official Gazette No. 40,989 of September 2, 2016) exonerated from VAT liability the sale and import of…

Jorge A. Jraige Roa, Ronald E. Evans.

VAT exoneration on certain tangible goods imported by the agencies and entities of the national public power

Venezuela - June 30 2013 Presidential Decree No.9.388, published in Official Gazette No.40.112 of 18 February 2013, exonerated the payment of VAT on the final importation of…

Income Tax Law Amendment

Venezuela - January 31 2016 Presidential Decree No. 2.163 published in Special Official Gazette No. 6,210 of December 30, 2015 ("Decree-Law"), partially amended the Income Tax…

Jorge A. Jraige Roa, Ronald E. Evans.

Venezuela: It is decreed a new State of Alarm throughout the country due to COVID-19 until October 6, 2020

Venezuela - September 30 2020 The Presidential Decree No. 4,286 ("Decree")1 declared a new State of Alarm throughout the country to mitigate and eradicate the risks…

Jesús A. Dávila, María de Los Angeles Celis.

Income Tax Exoneration for Resident Individuals with respect to Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016

Venezuela - March 17 2016 The Income Tax Law establishes a base exemption for individuals domiciled in Venezuela. Individuals domiciled in Venezuela, deriving worldwide income…

Jorge A. Jraige Roa, Ronald E. Evans.