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Spain - a WhatsApp conversation terminates employee

Spain - March 30 2015 According to the Galician Regional Labor Court (judgment dated 25 April 2014), a private WhatsApp conversation of a former employee that was…

New ADR system for TV show format industry

Global - July 2 2010 Beginning April 2010, the WIPO Center and the Format Recognition and Protection Association (FRAPA) will collaborate in providing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the field of TV format-related disputes such as format plagiarism or unauthorised copying of TV formats (e.g., those used for game, reality or talent shows and sitcoms).

Spain - 20,000 euros fine for breaching a statutory health data retention period

Spain - October 21 2013 The Spanish DPA (Resolution R/03212/2012 dated March 1, 2013) imposed a €20,000 fine on a company for breaching a health data retention period…

Spain - pre-merger data protection infringements follow surviving company

Spain - February 19 2015 The Spanish National Court (ruling dated 24 October 2014) upheld a €6,000 sanction imposed by the Spanish DPA (resolution dated 14-November-2013) on…

Prison sentence for employee who disclosed company secrets through his personal e-mail account

Spain - March 29 2011 The Criminal Court number 16 of Barcelona has sentenced a former employee of a multinational company to three years imprisonment for the offence of disclosing secrets.