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Canadian Employer Update 2023 Recap (Webinar & Takeaways Checklist)

Canada - February 3 2023 Our webinar was designed to bring Canadian in-house counsel and human resources leaders up…

Ajanthana Anandarajah, George Avraam, Jennifer Bernardo, Dave Bushuev, Kevin B. Coon, Rono Khan, Matthew De Lio, Stephanie MacIntosh, Junaid J. Malik, Juliette Mestre, Andrew Shaw, Nell Slochowski, William Watson

Canada: In focus — Quick chats for the Canadian workplace

Canada - November 13 2022 The Outcome and Litigation Arising from Your Workforce Redesign, we look at the potential outcomes and employer obligations should the separation…

Ajanthana Anandarajah, Andrew Shaw

Bill 88: Lessons Learned from Developing Electronic Monitoring Policies in Ontario

Canada - October 27 2022 Since October 11, 2022, employers who electronically monitor their employees with more than 25 employees in Ontario have been required to have a…

Jacqueline Chan, Conrad Flaczyk

Implementing a Reduction in Force in Canada: Mitigating Risks Arising From Major Workforce Changes

Canada - October 21 2022 Employers are being faced with difficult decisions about potentially reducing their headcount to eliminate redundant positions in light of a shift in…

Ajanthana Anandarajah, Rono Khan, Juliette Mestre, Andrew Shaw

Canada: Restrictions on Restrictive Covenants - The secret to protecting Trade Secrets (Video Chat)

Canada - August 10 2022 Every business has sensitive components integral to its success, whether trade secrets, customer contacts, or other confidential information that…

Ajanthana Anandarajah, Junaid J. Malik