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Top 10 New York Employment Law Updates: Closing Out 2022 and Heading Into 2023

USA - January 6 2023 It’s been a demanding year in New York for employers. New York employers have had to continuously pivot to meet obligations under new laws and…

Paul Evans, Danielle Gibbons, Matthew Gorman, Krissy Katzenstein, Kimberly Franko Lower, Adeola Olowude, Remi Omidiji, Blair Robinson, Autumn Sharp, Dionna Shear, Kaitlin Thompson

Avoiding Discrimination Lawsuits Following Layoffs (Video)

USA - March 31 2021 As a result of the pandemic, many companies have been forced to consider layoffs and furloughs. In this video, our Labor and Employment attorneys…

Stephanie Priel, Robin Samuel

New York | Looking Forward to Key Employment Issues in 2021 and Beyond

USA - February 2 2021 This webinar recording covers government orders, creating a timeline, workplace safety and prevention strategies, testing and health screening, labor…

Paul Evans, Emily Paige Harbison, Adeola Olowude, Blair Robinson

Video Chat Series (The Employer Rapport): Navigating Political Speech in the Workplace

USA - August 20 2020 Welcome to Baker McKenzie’s new Labor & Employment video chat series for US employers, The Employer Rapport. Our lawyers will provide quick…

Caroline Burnett, Lara Grines

Political Expression in the Workplace — Practical Tips for Employers

USA - August 11 2020 America’s political divisions seem to be deepening. And, what’s troubling for employers is that our polarized political climate appears to be…

Caroline Burnett, Lara Grines