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Blue Guide 2014 - guidance on "placing on the market" and other concepts

European Union - January 30 2015 In April 2014, the European Commission published the Blue Guide on the Implementation of EU Product Rules (the "2014 Blue Guide"). The 2014 Blue…

Rachel E. Barlow, Aurella Smith-Anthony

'No-Deal' Brexit Checklist:Key Implications for business

European Union, United Kingdom - September 19 2019 As the deadline for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU approaches, and Brexit negotiations continue, it is vital for companies to address the challenges…

Ben D. Allgrove, Emily R. Carlisle, Mark Delaney, Ross L. Denton, Tony Haque, Samantha J. Mobley, Patrick J. O'Gara, Stephen C.M. Ratcliffe, Duncan R. Reid-Thomas, Jennifer F. Revis, Mark Simpson

European court rules on the REACH "article in article" debate

European Union - September 25 2015 On 10 September 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union published its decision on the "article in article" debate that has divided EU Member…

Rachel E. Barlow

Kyoto Protocol extended at COP-18

Global - December 14 2012 Doha provides gateway to a 2015 global agreement and renews Kyoto Protocol for a second commitment period.

Martijn Wilder AM, Paul H. Curnow, Federico M. Ruanova Guinea, Ilona Millar, Richard M. Saines

Revisions to the EU WEEE and RoHS regimes and proposals on conflict minerals

European Union - January 6 2014 Europe's WEEE and RoHS regimes continue to be "hot topics" for manufacturers, importers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment. The…

Rachel E. Barlow