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Procurement contracts and INCOTERMS; How to ensure your supply contracts are not INCO-mpatible with INCOTERMS

Australia - June 27 2019 Australia is currently in the midst of an 'infrastructure boom' and is experiencing high levels of construction activity in many major industry…

Franco Aversa

Defects "liability" periods - why they shouldn't be called that!

Australia - April 1 2014 A common feature of construction contracts is what is known as a defects liability period. The defects liability period is the period of time within…

Fiona Elliot

Everything you wanted to know about tendering but were afraid to ask

Australia - March 16 2015 The purpose of this Paper is to give a basic overview of the basics of tendering including: the tendering process and the legal status of that process…

Jennifer Fitzalan

Western Australia Supreme Court clarifies interpretation of indirect or consequential loss

Australia - October 23 2013 A recent Western Australian case decided that the meaning of "indirect" or "consequential" loss in the context of an exclusion of liability clause…

Leigh Duthie, Alex Hartmann, James Masters

Defence contract disputes and risk allocation in Australia

Australia - January 16 2019 Essential considerations surrounding dispute resolution and risk allocation for defence procurement contracts in Australia.

Anne L. Petterd, Sally Pierce