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Colombia: Minimum monthly legal salary and legal monthly transportation allowance in force for the year 2022

Colombia - January 17 2022 The Government set the value of the monthly legal minimum salary and the monthly legal transportation allowance that will enter in force for…

Tatiana Garcés, Mariana Reyes

Congreso colombiano promulga la Ley de Trabajo Remoto

Colombia - August 31 2021 Recientemente, el Congreso profirió la Ley 2121 de 2021 (la "Ley"), por medio de la cual creó el régimen del Trabajo remoto en Colombia…

Tatiana Garcés Carvajal

At a glance: short-term business transfers in Colombia

Colombia - August 25 2021 This Q&A covers the essential legal and practical considerations surrounding short-term business transfers in Colombia.

Alexandra Silveira

Snapshot: visa extensions and variations in Colombia

Colombia - August 25 2021 A concise Q&A guide to visa extensions and variations in Colombia, including a look at long-term extension, exit and re-entry, permanent residency and citizenship and more.

Alexandra Silveira

Snapshot: long-term business visas in Colombia

Colombia - August 25 2021 This article summarises the key criteria and procedures for long-term business immigration routes in Colombia, including for staff transfers, highly skilled individuals, investors and shortage occupations.

Alexandra Silveira