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Business Immigration in Colombia

Colombia, Global - January 8 2019 A structured guide to business immigration laws in Colombia

Alexandra Silveira

Business visitor visas in Colombia

Colombia, Global - January 8 2019 A structured guide to short-term business visitor visas in Colombia

Alexandra Silveira

Colombia: Minimum monthly legal salary and legal monthly transportation allowance in force for the year 2022

Colombia - January 17 2022 The Government set the value of the monthly legal minimum salary and the monthly legal transportation allowance that will enter in force for…

Tatiana Garcés, Mariana Reyes

Corporate immigration in Colombia

Colombia - September 24 2019 A wide-ranging guide to corporate immigration in Colombia, covering criteria and procedures for short and long-term business visas, treatment of dependants and visa extensions, among other things.

Alexandra Silveira

The Global Employer: Focus on Global Immigration & Mobility 2019 - 2020

Australia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines - December 18 2019 The next update to the skilled migration occupation lists is scheduled to be announced in March 2020…

Sergio Antonelli, Janet Balite, Zuzana Ferianc, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Ilya Hoekerd, Don-Tobias Jol, Hanna Jung, Angela Hadil Mawed, Michael Michalandos, Alexandra Silveira, Jana Turečková