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Colombia: Expectations on employment and compensation matters

Colombia - August 24 2022 On 7 August 2022, Gustavo Petro Urrego became the new President of the Republic of Colombia for the period…

Tatiana Garcés Carvajal

Colombia: Immigration reform

Colombia - August 17 2022 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published Resolution 5477 of 2022 ("Resolution"), which will become effective on 20 October 2022. With this…

Tatiana Garcés, Maria Cecilia Reyes

Colombia: New modification of guidelines on the implementation of biosafety protocols of companies

Colombia - February 7 2022 The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 392 of 2021 by which it modified Article 2 and Sections 4.1 and 5 of the technical…

Tatiana Garcés, Maria Cecilia Reyes

Colombia: Reminder - Deadline for implementing nursing rooms in private companies with less than 1,000 employees

Colombia - January 19 2022 In January 2017, Law 1823 established the obligation for public entities and private companies to adopt the nursing rooms strategy…

Tatiana Garcés Carvajal

Colombia: Government enacts the Law of Labor Disconnection

Colombia - January 18 2022 On 6 January 2022 the Congress of the Republic enacted Law 2191, which aims to create, regulate and promote the labor disconnection of workers, in…

Tatiana Garcés