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China Trends Holdings Limited v The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong - August 5 2021 There has been a rise in cases in which The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“Stock Exchange“) suspends trading in issuers’ shares…

Angel Cheng, Jannice Lau, Bryan Ng

Hong Kong: Challenges to the Stock Exchange's findings of insufficient level of operations and assets continue to be an uphill battle in court

Hong Kong - July 20 2021 The Court of Appeal again upholds the Stock Exchange's decision to suspend trading in the issuer's shares pursuant to the equivalent of Rule 13.24…

Angel Cheng, Jannice Lau, Bryan Ng

Asia Pacific: Commercial Litigation (Video Chat)

Asia-Pacific - April 28 2021 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate the world, bringing elevated level of instability to businesses across various…

Yoshiaki Muto

International: In the know - Finding certainty in uncertain times

Global - July 30 2020 IN THIS TWO-PART SERIES... Baker McKenzie's leveraged finance teams in London and New York consider firstly the importance of funding…

Nasri Ashkar, Matthew Cox, Nick O'Grady, Amit Parekh, Andrew Sagor

Global: Force Majeure Comparative Table

Global - May 3 2020 Yes - FM doctrine exists pursuant to article 180 of the PRC General Rules on the Civil Law and article 117 of the PRC Contract Law. Where a contract…

Angela Ang, Pisut Attakamol, Frederick (Fred) R. Burke, Roberta Chan, H. Henry Chang, Kherk Ying Chew, Joachim (Jo) Delaney, Andi Y. Kadir, Daljit Kaur, Yoshiaki Muto, Nandakumar Ponniya, Minh Tri Quach, Timur Sukirno, Zhou Xi