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European Banking Authority Outsourcing Guidelines Come into Effect: Are you ready?

European Union, United Kingdom - October 14 2019 The EBA outsourcing guidelines came into effect on 30 September 2019. They are more prescriptive than the previous guidance and have a broader scope…

Sue McLean, Mark Simpson

EU: Commission delays SFDR RTS implementation to 2023

European Union - December 8 2021 The European Commission has sent a letter to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU announcing a delay to the date of application…

Kimberly Everitt, Shaneil Shah

Financial Institutions and Fintechs: The UK Regulatory Top Ten Watch List for 2022

European Union, Global, United Kingdom - January 21 2022 As we finally emerge from the shadow of the pandemic in 2022 (albeit more slowly than hoped), regulators and policymakers have left emergency…

Philip Annett, Kimberly Everitt, Rosanne Hooper, Julian Hui, Shaneil Shah, Mark Simpson, Ben Thatcher, Sarah Williams

What Does 2020 Hold? Key Upcoming Developments and Enforcement Trends

European Union, United Kingdom - January 13 2020 As 2020 comes into view, what can we expect to be at the top of regulators’ agendas? Key themes that are new from last year are ESG and an increased…

Philip Annett, Iolie Calochristos, Matthew Dening, David Halliday, Steve Holmes, Julian Hui, Sue McLean, Richard Powell, Shaneil Shah, Mark Simpson, Guy Stevenson

United Kingdom: FCA issues guiding principles for funds on compliance with ESG obligations

Global, United Kingdom - August 12 2021 The FCA has written a letter to the chairs of authorised fund managers on improving the quality and clarity of authorised ESG funds, setting…

Kimberly Everitt