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Brazil's Clean Company Act: how U.S., U.K., and global models may influence enforcement

Brazil - July 25 2014 Brazil's new anti-bribery law (Law No. 12.846/2013), often referred to as the "Clean Company Act," officially took effect on January 29, 2014. This…

Carlos Ayres, John P. Cunningham, Esther Flesch, Geoff Martin, Erica Sarubbi

Brazil – bill of law with tax incentives to technology startups is approved by Senate's committee

Brazil - June 19 2013 On May 28, 2013, the Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications Committee of the Brazilian Senate approved Bill of Law PL 321/2012, which…

Esther Flesch

Brazil - ISP held jointly liable for copyright infringement under its platform

Brazil - June 19 2013 The Superior Court of Justice ("STJ") ruled that an Internet Service Provider is jointly liable for user-generated content ("UGC") in a case…

Esther Flesch

Brazil - tax exemption to e-readers denied by Sao Paulo's Federal Court of Appeals

Brazil - June 19 2013 A recent decision from Brazilian 3rd region's Federal Court of Appeals (which comprises the States of Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul) provided that…

Esther Flesch

Brazilian government regulates consumer protection for e-commerce and telecommunications

Brazil - April 15 2013 On March 15, 2013, the Brazilian Government launched a series of measures designed to improve consumer protection in Brazil. The measures were named…

Esther Flesch