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Thailand: Electric Vehicles - A new automotive world order

Thailand - July 6 2021 Among the major elements of CASE, the "E" (Electrification) is the most discussed element to date. Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to…

Varutt Kittichungchit, Noriko Sakamoto, Suriyong Tungsuwan

Thailand: The dawn of next generation vehicles

Thailand - June 4 2021 Numerous technological disruptions have occurred in many industries over the past decade. We have seen and expect to see more evolution of…

Varutt Kittichungchit, Noriko Sakamoto, Suriyong Tungsuwan


Thailand - January 5 2021 タイ投資奨励委員会(BOI)は、投資を加速化させ、デジタル技術の採用を奨励するために、新しい措置を承認した…

Pornapa Luengwattanakit, Chana Sooppipat, Waratchaya Tungsuwan


Thailand - January 5 2021 電気自動車や関連部品のメーカー様にとって、以下の新恩典は興味深いものであるかと存じます…

Pornapa Luengwattanakit, Chana Sooppipat

Thailand: Reigniting EVs

Thailand - December 11 2020 If you are a manufacturer of electric vehicles or related parts, you should be interested in the new incentives discussed below. Against the…

Pornapa Luengwattanakit, Chana Sooppipat