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New York City Employers Can Breathe a Little Easier: NYC Pay Transparency Law’s Effective Date is Now November 1, 2022

USA - May 12 2022 New York City employers can breathe a short sigh of relief. On May 12, 2022, New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed a bill into law amending New York…

Caroline Burnett, Kimberly Franko Lower

“If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…” Keep These Tips in Mind When Using Nondisparagement Clauses in Settlement Agreements with Employees

USA - May 10 2022 Nondisparagement clauses have long been a staple in settlement agreements between employers and employees as a way to discourage disgruntled…

Michael E. Brewer, Kaitlin Thompson

New York City’s Pay Transparency Law Postponed to November 1, 2022

USA - April 28 2022 New York City’s salary transparency law (Local Law 32 for 2022, the “Salary Disclosure Law,” which we previously blogged about here and…

Kimberly Franko Lower

The Only Constant is Change: Recent (and Potential) Changes in State and Federal Non-Compete Legislation

USA - April 11 2022 New state and federal limits on post-employment restrictive covenants mean employers must stay on top of more than just vaccination policies or the…

Lily Duong, Kimberly Franko Lower, Remi Omidiji, Robin Samuel

Returning Employees to the Workplace? Consider These Tips to Minimize Discrimination and Harassment

USA - April 4 2022 Employers across the US are requiring employees to return to the brick and mortar workplace as COVID cases drop, and are looking forward to having…

William (Bill) F. Dugan, Damiya Park, Remy Snead