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Russian tax authorities recommend withholding VAT on B2B e-services in light of sanctions

Russia - April 6 2022 Russian B2B purchasers should self-assess and pay to the Russian budget VAT on electronically supplied services (ESS) purchased from foreign…

Maxim Kalinin, Sergei Zhestkov

Webinar: Physical Presence Requirements for Foreign Tech Companies in Russia - How to Respond

Russia - August 6 2021 On 1 July 2021, President Putin signed one of the most significant bills of 2021 in Russia and in doing so turned Russian IT regulation on its head…

Lothar Determann, Darya Ermolina, Valeria Eystrakh, Dmitry Marchan, Alexander Monin, Sergei Voitishkin

Multijurisdiction: CIS countries introduce new rules on taxation of digital services

Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine - July 12 2021 In 2017, Russia was the first country among CIS1 and EAEU2 member states to introduce a VAT regime on B2C electronically supplied services…

Igor A. Kolupayev, Adam R. Peacock, Ana Royuela, Hennadiy Voytsitskyi

Russia: Foreign IT companies to be required to open local offices

Russia - June 15 2021 Foreign Internet sites, web-pages, information systems and programs aimed at Russian audiences may be required to open local offices in…

Denis I. Khabarov, Alexander Monin

Netherlands and Russian Federation: Russia officially terminates tax treaty with the Netherlands

Netherlands, Russia - June 9 2021 In line with its earlier announcements, Russia on June 7, 2021 officially informed the Netherlands that it will terminate the tax treaty…

Maxim Kalinin, Fons Ravelli, Wibren M.W. Veldhuizen, Kirill Vikulov, Sergei Zhestkov