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Jersey Employment law update - changes to redundancy pay and end to the disability discrimination transition period

Jersey - September 10 2020 Statistics Jersey have published their annual average earnings report, and accordingly the statutory maximum for a weeks’ pay for the purposes of…

Tarina Le Boutillier, Siobhan Riley

The data transfer challenge: Schrems II and the Channel Islands

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom, USA - July 31 2020 Both Jersey and Guernsey have based their data protection laws on the GDPR and in doing so have incorporated many of the decisions of the European…

Tarina Le Boutillier, Elaine Gray, Siobhan Riley

Forthcoming changes to the Guernsey Data Protection Registration Regime

Guernsey - July 30 2020 The Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) has provided more detail regarding its new registration and funding model…

Annette Alexander, Elaine Gray

Remote working: Information security issues that wealth managers need to take on board

Global - June 1 2020 At the beginning of 2020, no one would have predicted that the wealth management industry (in common with many other industry sectors) would be…

Siobhan Riley

Changes to Jersey family friendly legislation - Proposed implementation date of 28 June 2020

Jersey - May 28 2020 The (proposed) implementation of Amendment No 11 of the Employment (Jersey) Law is due to come into force on 28 June 2020 (subject to approval by the…

Siobhan Riley