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Family office fundamentals - the Cayman Islands experience

Cayman Islands - June 8 2022 The upheaval faced by the global community over the past two years has prompted changes in almost all areas of our lives. Perhaps one of the most…

Chris Duncan

Enforcement of foreign wills - updated guidance from the BVI courts

British Virgin Islands - May 20 2022 Estate litigation continues to be on the rise across both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands (BVI), with an increasing number of…

Cayman Islands Foundation Companies for DAOs, Defi and NFTs

Cayman Islands - April 6 2022 The rise of cryptocurrencies and digital assets (crypto, for convenience) has led to the creation of many new and innovative projects, particularly…

Chris Duncan

Cayman Islands trustees: Caught in the crossfire

Cayman Islands - February 21 2022 The role of trustee of a trust is not one to be accepted on a whim: in a modern and highly regulated world, which now includes families who may have…

Chris Duncan

Snapshot: succession law in Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands - November 29 2021 A Q&A guide to succession law in Cayman Islands, covering estate constitution, disposition, intestacy, claims against an estate and much more.

Chris Duncan, Paul Hodgson