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New mandatory reference checking scheme for Hong Kong’s banking industry to prevent “rolling bad apples”

Hong Kong - May 10 2022 On 5 May 2022, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) announced the launch of the Mandatory Reference Checking Scheme (MRC Scheme), including the…

Leonie Tear

The changing Russia-Ukraine sanctions landscape - what it means for Australian businesses

Australia, Russia, Ukraine - April 7 2022 Navigating Australia’s sanctions regime is highly complex. The coordinated sanctions effort by Australia and other countries against the Russia…

Intan Eow, Kate Jackson-Maynes, Edwina Kwan, Cate Nagy, Dale Rayner

Consultation for crypto asset industry in Australia

Australia - April 6 2022 In further recognition of Australia’s opportunity to enhance its digital asset ecosystem to drive economic activity, realise efficiency gains and play…

Berkeley Cox

Responding to the Russia-Ukraine War - Updates to Australia’s autonomous sanctions regime

Australia, Russia, Ukraine - March 21 2022 Summary of Updates Russia The Minister has increased powers to name individuals and companies as “designated persons” and has named additional…

Kate Jackson-Maynes, Hayley Johnson, Edwina Kwan, Cate Nagy, Dale Rayner


China - December 17 2021 人类整理和使用数据历史悠久。技术使人类摆脱束缚,改变了人们利用数据的进程。然而,数据并没有自由流动,而是受到分散的、各国不同监管制度的约制。网络安全…

Kirsten Bowe, Peter Bullock, Scott Farrell, Eli Han, Wu Han, Cheng Lim, Dr. Sandra Link, Susan Ning, Michael Swinson