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An app for that? What do developers of software-based medical devices need to know?

Australia - August 23 2021 The increasing pace of digital health, wearables, and apps generally have spawned an increasing number of innovative software-based products that are…

Kim O'Connell, Matthew Swinn

Unboxing the Australian Government’s $100m patent scheme

Australia - June 3 2021 One of the key measures targeting innovation in the Federal Budget announced on 11 May 2021, is the introduction of a ‘patent box scheme’ worth over…

Scott Bouvier, Kim O'Connell, Matthew Swinn

Appeal in Ethicon pelvic mesh class action - what risks need to be disclosed?

Australia - March 9 2021 In a unanimous decision, the Full Court of the Federal Court upheld a decision of Justice Katzmann that found Ethicon Sàrl and related companies…

Justin McDonnell, Moira Saville, Peta Stevenson, Matthew Swinn

COVID-19 and the advertising of goods and services to the public in Australia: regulatory frameworks and usual rules continue to apply during public health crisis

Australia - April 24 2020 During the outbreak of COVID-19, advertisers of goods and services may be tempted to link advertisements to the virus. Recent media and regulatory…

Brogan Garrod, Tim Craven, Luke Hawthorne, Kim O'Connell

Patent rights during COVID-19 - can the Government step in?

Australia - April 3 2020 As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, new and critical needs for medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and other medical tools will continue to arise. Many of…

Scott Bouvier, Sarah-Jane Frydman, Kim O'Connell, Matthew Swinn