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你的“饼干”安全吗?——Cookie 与个人信息保护

China, European Union, USA - August 10 2018 Cookie追踪功能的日益强大引发了数字用户对其可能侵犯隐私、泄露个人信息的普遍担忧。Cookie为什么可能侵犯隐私,泄露个人信息…

Wu Han.


China - September 4 2018 在上个世纪九十年代,使用互联网还被称为“上网冲浪”,断电和座机欠费可能是我们能够理解的最大“网络安全”问题。在那个十年,很长的一段时…

Wu Han.


China - July 12 2017 7月11日,国家互联网信息办公室(“网信办”)发布了《关键信息基础设施安全保护条例(征求意见稿)》(“《保…

Pharmaceutical Antitrust in China

China - April 16 2019 A structured guide to pharmaceutical antitrust in China

Chai Zhifeng.

Could“Big Data”Facilitate Monopoly and How Shall We Step In?

European Union - June 15 2017 "Big Data", one of the hot topics in recent years, has been widely discussed. The impact of "Big Data" on competition interests both practitioners and…

Wu Han, Yangdi Zhao.