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AEMC proposes changes for generators seeking to connect to the national electricity grid

Australia - June 21 2018 The AEMC is currently considering implementing a rule change that proposes "a flexible approach to setting standards that enables targeted, least-cost…

Louis Chiam

Opportunities for Australia in ASEAN's energy sector

Australia - June 19 2018 More than 90 million people are expected to move to cities across ASEAN by 2030, resulting in enormous demands on the energy sector, but also creating…

Louis Chiam, Michael Lawson

澳大利亚国家能源保障计划 - 草案已通过,部分细节待定

Australia - May 29 2018 On Friday 20 April, the Australian State and Territory Ministers met to consider a draft high level design of the Australian Federal Government's…

Dominic Bortoluzzi

ASEAN: unlocking Australia’s infrastructure potential

Australia - December 15 2017 A report released this week by the Australian Government highlights the opportunity for Australian companies not just to build infrastructure in the…

Claire Rogers, Louis Chiam, Suzanne Gibson, Michael Lawson, David Olsson, John Sullivan, Mark Upfold

The Finkel Review - What does it mean for industry?

Australia - June 13 2017 The Finkel Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market was released on 9 June. The Report makes some 50 policy recommendations…

Louis Chiam