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Public-Private Partnerships in Asia

Asia-Pacific - February 13 2023 There is growing recognition that Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have a vital role to play in bridging the infrastructure gap across Asia…

Claire Rogers, Scott Gardiner, Michael Lawson

Public-Private Partnerships in Thailand

Thailand - February 13 2023 In Thailand, the term Public-Private Partnership or the “PPP” has historically been used in a broad sense to cover concession-type private investment…

Tian Xu

Public-Private Partnerships in Phillipines

Asia-Pacific, Philippines - February 13 2023 The Philippines government has long recognised the indispensable role played by the private sector in national growth and the value of public-private…

Tian Xu

Public-Private Partnerships in Lao PDR

Asia-Pacific, Laos - February 13 2023 The Government of the Lao PDR (“GOL”) has engaged in reforms since the mid-1980s to develop a market-oriented economy, including Streamlining…

Tian Xu

Public-Private Partnerships in Bangladesh

Asia-Pacific, Bangladesh - February 13 2023 The progression of Bangladesh to a middle-income country requires an increase of investments in infrastructure from around 2% to 6% of its GDP, which…

Jiang Mengbi (Morgan), Jake Robson, Tian Xu