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Class Action Update: Q4 2016 - Common fund orders, individual defences and other recent developments

Australia - December 15 2016 Welcome to Class Action Update Q4 2016. Since our last update, we have seen a significant amount of activity, with the first-ever Court orders…

Moira Saville, Peta Stevenson

The Review - Class Actions in Australia 2015/2016

Australia - August 26 2016 An increased threat of class actions is the ‘new normal’ for Australian business as this year sees 35 class actions launched, following a historic…

Alexander Morris, Moira Saville, Peta Stevenson


Australia - August 26 2016 集体诉讼风险增加已成为澳大利亚企业面临的“新常态”,2016财年澳大利亚集体诉讼已达35起,而2015财年更是以40起创下历史新高。 近年来,我们曾看到证券和自然灾害领域的集体诉讼创下集体诉讼和解金额记录,而2016财年最大的一起集体诉讼是消费者对医疗保健巨头DePuy…

Peta Stevenson

“Action de groupe” - Class actions in France

France - August 26 2016 In 2014, France introduced a class action regime providing for “action de groupe” limited to the reparation of consumers’ material injuries in the…

Peta Stevenson, Natasha Tardif

Australian Court allows indirect causation for shareholder claims

Australia - April 26 2016 An investor buys shares in a listed company on market. They do so without reading the company's recently released accounts or undertaking any other…

Roger Forbes, Moira Saville, Laura Stockdale