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Prospects for hydrogen in Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific - June 2 2021 In a region responsible for the majority of the world's energy consumption, Asia Pacific countries are faced with a critical tension between a…

Claire Rogers, Annabel Griffin, David Phua, Craig Rogers

Updates for State of Emergency in Myanmar

Myanmar - March 1 2021 Following the declaration of the state of emergency, the situation in Myanmar remains fluid. Indeed, even as we go to press with this alert, reports…

Su Meng, David Phua, Meg Utterback, Aaron Wolfson

M&A in the City

Australia - February 25 2021 2020 was unquestionably 'a year like no other'. Necessity certainly had us thinking creatively about how we do business. While we're happy to move on…

Evie Bruce, Nicola Charlston, Caroline Coops, Intan Eow, David Friedlander, Will Heath, Sharon Henrick, Nigel Hunt, Tim Klineberg, Jake Robson, Paul Schroder, Mark Vanderneut


Myanmar - February 19 2021 缅甸时间2月1日,缅甸军方“妙瓦底”电视台发布公告,宣布由于2020年全国大选选民名单涉嫌舞弊以及缅甸联邦政府决定缅甸议会如期开幕,将根据缅甸2008年宪法(“宪法”)第417…

Zhao Chenxi, Su Meng, Du Rui, Liu Zhigang

Briefing note for state of emergency in Myanmar

Myanmar - February 5 2021 On February 1, Myanmar's military-owned Myawaddy TV announced that a state of emergency would be imposed in accordance with Articles 417 and 418 of…

Daisy Mallett, Su Meng, David Phua