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What really happens during the Caretaker Period?

Australia - April 1 2022 There’s a general Federal Election coming up in May 2022. In the lead up to the Federal Election, the Commonwealth caretaker conventions will apply…

Annabel Griffin, Anna MacFarlance, Stephen Mason

The ci-Sons amendments to the security of critical infrastructure legislation has come into effect

Australia - December 15 2021 On 2 December 2021 changes to legislation came into force that gives the Government strong powers to take action in relation to cyber security…

Kirsten Bowe, Redwan Hamed, Eveline Kuang, Cheng Lim

Unpacking what financial sponsors need to know about the major reforms to Australia’s foreign investment regime

Australia - December 14 2020 Australia’s foreign investment regime has undergone significant and widespread change in 2020. Not only have there been material changes in the law…

Alex Elser

Pre-COVID FIRB Thresholds to be Reinstated on 1 January 2021

Australia - December 11 2020 Late on 9 December 2020, the Treasurer announced that the current $0 monetary screening thresholds for FIRB applications will be lifted on 1 January…

Intan Eow, Katie Haywood, Caitlin Rodgers, Lily Shen


Australia - October 14 2020 由于外国投资审查委员会改革方案中提议大幅提高费用,投资者会在投资澳大利亚和与澳大利亚外国投资审查委员会接洽时再三考虑。基础设施的离岸融资将面临外国投资审查委员会的延迟…

Intan Eow